About 3 years ago I started to follow someone on Twitter who I realised had the same reservations about what was happening to our country as myself. He invited me to join UkCitizen which I did and I am so pleased.

I have learned so much about things I had no idea about. About Government and politics but also other areas like gardening, alternative health care and finance as there are so many people from multiple backgrounds involved.

It is wonderful to have people to chat to that are on the same wavelength particularly if your immediate family and/or friends no longer are. A breath of fresh air.


I joined UKCitizen as I felt both alone and powerless against the tyranny of Global governments.  Despite having a large friendship and professional network, it always seemed like the vast majority of people didn’t care about taking back control.

Joining UKCitizen made me realise I am far from alone, there are probably millions of us in the UK; who don’t just want freedom, but are genuinely willing to do whatever it takes to get it, just like my grandparents who fought the Nazis in WW2.

JJ, Hampshire

I’m really glad that I found UKCitizen2021. I was particularly concerned about the last two years. Particularly the excessive fear-mongering and one-sided information about Covid19. I was even more concerned about the mandating of vaccines and invasion of bodily autonomy. The willingness of UKCitizen to work with others to achieve results and accountability is extraordinary. I have been greatly encouraged and am standing for local election with Freedom Alliance in May.

ALW, London

Someone on Twitter that I have followed for nearly 2 years and who I felt was absolutely on the same page as myself over what was happening in UK introduced me to ukcitizen2021. I was proud to join their group and impressed by their aims and their professionalism. To know that there are so many people working behind the scenes for a better life for us all has kept me sane over that time. We all want freedom to live as we were born to. I don’t ask much of life but freedom and a democratic society is a must. Thank you to all involved.

MM, 78 from Nottingham

It was such a relief to find UKCitizen. A group of ordinary like-minded people who spoke my language after I had been ostracised and ridiculed by friends and family for questioning the Covid narrative. UKCitizen has renewed my courage and resolve and faith in humanity thank you!

P.B, Suffolk

UKCitizen has been a lifesaver for so many, myself included. When we were drifting apart from family and friends, doubting ourselves and even our sanity even though the truth is clear, a new UKC family adopted us, educated us and supported us. We are not alone, not with the UKC family anyway!

P.H, Wales