Are We Looking In The Wrong Place?

The spotlight seems focused on the WHO CA+ (“Pandemic Treaty”) and the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005). But could the United Nations have a plan B for a one world government in the form of the Emergency Platform and the associated “Our Common Agenda” initiative?

UK Government Allowed – HOW MUCH?

UK Government allowed £407,191,680 to go to the WHO $541,565,174 was given to the WHO in 2020/21. We used a conversion rate of 1.33 to arrive at £407,191,680 In 2020/21, 39% of funding from the top 20 contributors came the private sector organisations Total Contributions – Country: $3,523,416,132 = 61% Total Contributions – Private: $2,247,093,795…

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Community Connections

The People’s Health AllianceThe People’s Health Alliance Seven Concerned CitizensSeven Concerned CitizensAlliance of Living LiberatorsAlliance of Living LiberatorsSafer To Wait Protecting Children’s HealthSafer To Wait Protecting Children’s HealthAlliance of Living LiberatorsAlliance of Living LiberatorsFreedom AllianceFreedom AllianceAwareness FoundationAwareness FoundationThe Light PaperThe Light PaperThe ExposeThe Daily ExposeThe Freedom NetworkThe Freedom NetworkDoctors 4 Covid EthicsDoctors 4 Covid EthicsUK Column…

World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva

Write To Your MP – Upcoming Meetings Of The World Health Organisation (WHO) In Geneva, Switzerland

The World Health Organisation is meeting once again in Geneva, Switzerland. In fact, July is quite a busy month. Between 17th – 21st July, there will be the Sixth Meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) for a WHO Instrument on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (Bureau’s Text of the WHO CA+). The following week…